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Beauty is only skin deep – at Rush Custom Boxes, we manufacture custom-designed and printed cosmetic boxes destined to capture the audience. It does not matter whether it is a superstore’s shelf or a magnificent counter. Excellent finish with top-notch custom printing detailing critical points of inner product rocks potential customers.

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Cosmetic Packaging Designs

Cosmetic boxes come in varying shapes, styles, and sizes according to the particular cosmetic product nature. As certain lipsticks, creams, lotion, and eyeliners require a specially die-cut window for intending customers to have a sneak look at those decorative items. We create custom window boxes, this increases the chances of cosmetics sales as the customers are allured by the shiny and attractive looks of cosmetic products.

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We make it easy for small businesses, corporate buyers and marketing professionals to order custom printed boxes online.

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Direct call us at (213) 814-4187, send us an email to, chat with our live agent or fill out the custom quote form to get a price for your custom packaging project.


Send us your artwork in Ai, PSD or PDF file format. Don't have a design file? We are happy to create artwork for you! We will send you proofs to review before moving on to the next step.


Pay for your purchase! We accept major credit cards as well as wire transfer and PayPal. Once payment confirmation is received, your order will begin and be delivered within 8-10 business days.

Cosmetic Boxes Online

At Rush Custom Boxes ordering process is straightforward, and you feel hassle-free; give us a call, email, or chat with our customer service representative to find answers to your queries. Find immediate on the go professional solutions right on the phone call. In addition, we provide you with free graphic designing services to facilitate you to get your artwork done no matter the style or shape that best fits your custom cosmetic packaging needs.

Cosmetic Packaging Experts

Our complete experience in cosmetic box making enables us to fast deliver your ordered cosmetic packaging boxes within the promised time right on your doorstep. In addition, we offer free shipping to our valued customers in the USA and Canada. Although our standard turnaround time is 8 to 10 business days, rush orders are also welcome and entertained.

We seek to build strong relations with our customers, as we want to have more recurring customers than getting new customers each time. Rush Custom Boxes focuses on quality against quantity. There are low minimum order conditions at our company. For us, customers’ faith in our cosmetic boxes is the real asset.

Custom-Designed Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

Product packaging plays a great part in the promotion of any item that will be sold in the retail market. It flaunts the value of the item and makes it visible to the customers. When it comes to selling cosmetic items, the role of product packaging boxes gets unavoidable. Since these beautiful items are connected to working on the appearance of customers, they need to be packed lavishly. To guarantee that your cosmetic items look identifying, cosmetic boxes are perfect for your promoting device.

Cosmetic items may be packed in glass, plastic, metal, paper, and different other creative ways. Each brand in this industry has its unique features, central focuses, and specialties. This applies the same to your cosmetics brand. To help you in this matter, Rush Custom Boxes is here to offer you the most exclusive cosmetic boxes.

The main requirement here is that your packaging material needs to be proper for the type of item you wish to pack. Additionally, you should also consider the changing temperatures and delivery conditions that your item may experience.

As cosmetic items are proposed to improve and maintain the beauty of skin, it is significant for the packaging boxes to be charming. The shapes, sizes, colors, and other visual segments should all work strongly together to persuade your targeted crowd.

We know that there are thousands of cosmetic items accessible in the market today. Accordingly, the packaging boxes can also be varied. You might need to get the perfect retail boxes for your perfumes, lipsticks, lip glosses, or others. However, no matter which types of packaging boxes you would need, Rush Custom Boxes offers you premium packaging and printing solutions.

Deliver a Memorable Customer Experience with Luxurious Cosmetic Boxes

We understand that a memorable experience your cosmetic boxes should offer is as essential as your real items. Without any doubt, your brand name and image need to be exposed. This can easily be done by packing and presenting your branded cosmetic items in the most luxurious packaging boxes.

We realize that providing a reliable customer experience can be a complicated task for any brand to complete. In fact, even though you are offering the most first-rate items, those customers would not even look at them if you can’t offer a perfect display.

This is where mentioning and testing out the quality of your item is a fundamental development for any brand. Keep in mind, creatively measured customer experience can really help you place your brand image apart from the rest.

Magnificent product packaging boxes can ultimately turn out to be powerful promoting devices. Customizing your cosmetic boxes at Rush Custom Boxes can shape a remarkable brand recognition. If you wish your customers to see that your cosmetic items are of top-notch, your packaging boxes should reflect it. On the other hand, poor packaging boxes will only undermine a quality item and further harm your brand image.

Shape Your Brand Identity with Exclusive Cosmetic Boxes

There is an ocean of cosmetic items available in the market and not a single of them that doesn't have any competitors. It doesn't have any effect on how big or small business you are running, there are reliably competitors who might be trying to defeat your brand.

To bear such competition and make your brand worth reviewing for, it is essential to present something unique. There are different ways to deal with this goal. In any case, the easiest and incredible one is to use exclusive custom cosmetic boxes.

These incredible boxes will shape a strong and positive image of your cosmetic items and make them more interesting. Accordingly, your items will appear more dazzling among others on the shelves. Remember, if your custom boxes design are not astounding, your business is going nowhere.

This is the main reason for Rush Custom Boxes to dedicate itself. We have an expert team of capable graphic designers than will assist you in getting your bespoke boxes. We offer a full customization offer to let you express your own creativity on your cosmetic boxes. Even better, we provide professional designing support at no cost!

Get High Sales and ROI with Our Cosmetic Boxes Wholesale!

Every business in the world is starting with the goal to get benefits with less speculation. This is the reason each brand owner investigates the approach that gives the best Return on Investment (ROI). Exceptionally printed cosmetic boxes wholesale are one of those approaches that can give you 100% more benefit from your speculation. In any case, just if you could use the packaging design in the right way. How?

Using it the right way means that you choose the right size, shape, design, and printing for these boxes. The more appropriate these things will be, the more your boxes will be valuable for your brand. While you are choosing these components for your packaging design, make sure that you are pondering your customers’ preferences. After all, they are the ones you wish to introduce your cosmetic items and brand as well.

Our custom cosmetic boxes are not only about redesigning the presence of your cosmetic items. More than that, these boxes furthermore drive the buying behavior of customers. When customers walk around a store, the main focus that gets their eyes is the packaging of the items.

For instance, if a customer is looking for the best cosmetic serum, she would not interested to discover the quality of your serum if the boxes look unappealing. Then again, if you would give your serum in the most exquisite cosmetic boxes, then, then you are now headed to success.

By using modern digital and offset hardware, Rush Custom Boxes will let you print your company name and brand logo stunningly. Combined with elegant designs, these exclusive boxes will surely get your items to fly off the shelves. There you go, more sales to come!

With it comes to getting the best packaging boxes for your branded cosmetic items, you could always depend on Rush Custom Boxes that will give you the best packaging arrangements. Better yet, you could get these beautiful cosmetic boxes at reasonable rates and free shipping!

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