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Pre-Production Testing

It is necessary to have pre-production testing for custom packaging. Quality control allows us to check the quality of our custom products quickly. The purpose of pre-production testing is to analyze and improve the quality of the product to avoid any issues with its performance. This includes refining the packaging design, selecting material and process, and testing it according to the original specifications. This further assures us that the product meets the requirements of the customer's or users' standards and can fulfill their expectations.

Production Run Testing

This process allows us to deliver products from production to the customer efficiently. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that all products adhere to quality requirements so that no defects are reported and the customer receives satisfactory quality.

Production run testing considers multiple quality checkpoints, such as examining materials, assessing the manufacturing process, and analyzing the quality of the final product. Nevertheless, the quality team still re-evaluates every product delivered to check if it meets the requirements. To verify this, samples are regularly tested in the quality lab to avoid defects and guarantee that every product meets safety and quality requirements.

Final Inspection

A complete and accurate final inspection is essential for quality assurance (QA) to deliver quality packaging. Each product should have a specific look that conveys its quality, so it is necessary to conduct checks. Various techniques are used in the final inspection process to improve the quality of products. This process ensures that there are no flaws in the final product's design, size, or material so that the manufactured and printed item is compliant with industry standards. Therefore, we perform final inspections, which can help detect errors and benefit both the customer and the company.