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Custom Printed Eyeliner Boxes

The perfect method to up your eyeliners to the supreme level! These custom-made boxes are carefully crafted to put your brand in the most excellent light imaginable. Put yourself in your customer's eye for a moment. The moment they open these dazzlingly printed boxes, feast their eyes upon that rich, unique handiwork. Instead of another faceless jar or tub, it's nothing like a combo pack. Closing their lids creates a creative visual impression, and our eyeliner boxes also bring practical benefits to both parties involved. Our solid construction means your eyeliners will be well protected when packing is done with love. You won't lose them during shipment - they won't break, and cat leads stick out (or get squashed). When you open the case and find it is your favorite, it is neatly encased. Sitting in its beauty on their dressing table, it looks lovely and preserves the product. Famous now on the marker matte finishes, which we also offer in high-quality printing better suited to papers than cardboard. Then, of course, there Is sparkling packaging for your beautiful products. Attractive colored print deserves such an expression of all-around perfect meaning: eye-catching for the product but harmonious with it in every way. All of this is possible - and more!