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Folding Cartons are made from paperboard generally which we print, laminate, die-cut, and then apply glue. These packaging cartons are made according to the required shape as per the need of the product packaging.

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What is a folding carton style?

The words "folding carton" may sound new to you. However, let us disclose to you more. This type of packaging has been used since the late 19th century! A folding carton refers to a packaging box that is made of paperboard.

Paperboard is printed and sent through machines that cut, paste, and mark a folding carton. This packaging box is transported level. When developed, it will be a perfect box to potentially display your product presentation.

Paperboard (or called folding carton) is a budget-friendly packaging box. In addition, this is an ideal choice for packing various types of products. At Rush Custom Boxes, we offer completely adaptable and viable boxes with wonderful printing styles.

The adaptability of this exclusively designed folding carton enables you to outline the ‘folded’ part. In this way, making creatively folded packaging that can set your product apart from the rest. The shape, in combination with excellent print, will make an eye-catchy presentation. In the end, shaping your brand image and elevating your sales.

Folding cartons have a simple and basic construction pattern, and they look like glued or locked side seams.

We make packaging boxes that can assemble manually or maybe by automation. For example, the standard folding carton is easy to open and close due to friction lock closure on top and a slit lock tuck closure on the bottom. These are convenient to use.

We appealingly provide the shapes and styles; the bottom closure is attached in the rear and folds towards the front of the carton. This is what makes it different from standard reverse tuck end boxes. This style has a very finished look and gives a premium touch to its overall look.

It will help you a lot because it has a large display window through which one can get an insight into the product. In addition, it has a display panel. Our service will help you manage the products requiring a bit of display; this box style is the best for such products. The closures at the back are folded, and the front edges are concealed. This is suitable for both types of assembling, either manual or automatic.

Turnkey Folding Cartons

Turnkey folding cartons will help your business to build an identity. It keeps the product safe and ensures the perfect storage and delivery required. We offer turnkey folding cartons that can withstand the weight and prevent any damage through which the product could have a safe delivery. Then, add your own artwork and choose the color printing options you want.

It can be printed with various artwork and graphics. This is the most common form of secondary packaging in the form of a retail box that holds a packaged product that has a primary purpose of promoting, protecting, and displaying. Folding cartons are light in weight which makes them attractive to use.

Get a Wide Range of Styles for Folding Cartons!

We offer a wide range of styles for a folding carton. For example, sleeve boxes and trays are produced by using folding methods. These two boxes can be made equal or pre-fold for hand or machine, relying on your requirements.

A folding carton is a paper-based packaging that acts as the outer compartment for a product. For example, cereals (food) need to be placed in adaptable packaging to secure their quality. In this regard, a custom folding carton is the perfect one to keep the cereals in the best shapes and conditions. In addition, this type of excellent packaging offers the most memorable product display.

Develop Your Business with Our Custom Folding Carton

We assist you to apply your creativity to design this amazing packaging. Even better, with us, you could get the most professional designing support from our expert graphic designers. We only use high-quality packaging materials that will provide a more extended time span of usability. The best thing is, this splendid folding carton offered by Rush Custom Boxes at the most affordable rates. Why?

We understand properly that it is difficult to find the right product packaging box that has everything. Maybe you need a reverse tuck or a five-hanger panel that also has a pattern and add-ons. Notwithstanding that you would also need a coating, parts with metallic paper or gold foiling.

The scenes are everlasting, and the chance is, you might not find what you search in our library with a basic pursuit.

The great news? We are not limited to the folding carton styles you have quite recently searching for. Instead, we would make a packaging box according to your needs and specifications. Our team of specialists is always ready to help and support you in making your ideal box.

What Do We Offer?

Now you could develop your business with our custom folding carton. You should simply reach out to us through call or email and mention to us what you are envisioning. By working together with Rush Custom Boxes, you would get premium rigid boxes at affordable rates.

Our years of experience empower us to fulfill your packaging time constraint, all while following your specifications. What’s more, you would only get the unmistakable quality control and diligence. We guarantee you would only get high-end results from us.

Whether you have a specific idea as the main focus or need direction in designing your folding carton, our expert designers are here for you. When designing your standard or custom packaging, you could always rely on our team to transform your idea into a reality.

All of us in Rush Custom Boxes are proud to offer you our best services of:

Early collaboration

Our team of packaging experts will work with your company in the early advancement phases of your packaging process right to finishing.


We would look at all the details of your folding carton and make inquiries when designing the final product.

Request custom printed folding cartons

At Rush Custom Boxes, it is not difficult to make your own custom folding carton box. Simply follow our basic steps measure:

Choose the right size of folding carton that fits your requirements. Eight unique sizes are accessible, going from 2.25" x 2.25" x 6" as far as possible up to 8" x 8" x 3". Three different conclusion types imply that you could effortlessly have the option to choose between boxes just by taking a look at them.

Yes, with us, you could make custom folding cartons with your work of art. With our modern digital and offset printing hardware, we help you to add a custom logo, designs, and colors to your packaging. In this way, your brand would really stand apart from the rest.

Deliver a Memorable Unboxing Experience

Our folding carton is designed to be the ideal packaging answer to meet all of your requirements. In this way, you could give each customer a memorable unboxing experience that they will surely remember forever.

Yes, now you could give your customers a premium unboxing experience by presenting your product in a printed folding carton that fits your product properly. Our range of custom sizes allows you to craft your bespoke packaging in any dimensions. By doing so, you would no need to worry if your products would shift around during the harsh shipping journey. At the same time, you are allowing your customers to admire your fabulous creative design.

So, do you have any idea for your folding carton? Send in your fine art in one of our formats and we would design it exactly as how you want it. Rush Custom Boxes provides high-quality packaging and printing solutions.

Get this remarkably designed folding carton at the most affordable rates only at Rush Custom Boxes! All you need to do is simply contact us and we would help you get your dreamed packaging comes true. The most fantastic thing is, our customer representatives will be pleased to help you place your order and get this outstanding packaging with free shipping! Well, what else you could expect?

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