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Shop Custom Straight Tuck End Boxes from RushCustomBoxes

Ordering custom straight-tuck end boxes from RushCustomBoxes is very easy. All you need to do is let our team know about your requirements. After you have discussed your needs, RushCustomBoxes will design, print, and cut boxes according to your specifications. Before production begins, you can inspect the final artwork design and then be given digital proof. Once proofing is complete, the production process will commence, and we will supply you with the boxes all in one go.

RushCustomBoxes specializes in offering the most features, including custom printing and design services. You will be provided with boxes designed in the right size, shape, and color, professionally designed boxes that exceed your expectations.

Customization Options for Straight Tuck Boxes

SBS Paperboard SBS Paperboard
Rigid Paperboard Rigid Paperboard
Kraft Paper Kraft Paper
Textured Paper Textured Paper
Corrugated Corrugated Cardboard
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black CMYK
Pantone Matching System PMS
Metallic Foil Metallic Foil
Metallic Ink Metallic Ink
Effects, Finishes & Techniques
Spot UV Spot UV
Gloss and Matte Varnishes Varnishes
Gloss and Matte Lamination Lamination
Foil Stamping Foil Stamping
Embossing Embossing
Debossing Debossing
Die-Cutting Die-Cutting
Scoring Scoring
Perforation Perforation
Embossing Powder Embossing Powder

The Best Choice for Retail Packaging

Straight-tuck end boxes are a very retail-friendly form of packaging. The box design easily folds together on two sides, creating a lightweight yet durable structure. It is designed for recycling, is cost-effective for transportation, and enhances product packaging and display. High durability has been proven, as the box securely and firmly holds small and large retail items.

Cost-Effective Solution: Save Your Money

Straight tuck-end boxes are an inexpensive option for product packaging. They can be assembled like standard folding cartons and can be made of a variety of materials. The design is simple yet eye-catching, giving the product an appealing look. These boxes also feature perforations, creasing, and die-cutting, giving the packaging an elegant touch. If you are looking for a cost-effective packaging box for your needs, straight tuck-end boxes are a good option and are offered at affordable prices.

Benefits of Tuck End Boxes as a Packaging Option

Always use tuck-end boxes as a better packaging option. These boxes are made from readily available and cost-effective materials, making them a good choice for creating quality containers. The materials used to make these boxes are durable, strong, and light - they ensure structural soundness. In addition to the design and size, these boxes provide great adaptation features, providing better performance than regular paper-printed boxes. This also provides more security that cannot be easily destroyed.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can produce these boxes in different sizes and shapes to fit your specific product dimensions. Our packaging experts can work with you to create a custom packaging solution that meets your unique needs.


We offer a range of printing options, including full-color printing, spot-color printing, and even custom designs. This allows you to create packaging that accurately reflects your brand and captures your customers' attention.


At RushCustomBoxes, we offer custom boxes made from sustainable materials such as recycled cardboard and Kraft paper. We understand the importance of eco-friendliness in packaging and are committed to providing our customers with sustainable options.


Yes, we can provide a prototype or sample box before production. This allows you to ensure that the design and dimensions of the box meet your requirements before placing a larger order.


They are commonly used in retail, cosmetics, electronics, and food and beverage industries. They are versatile and durable, making them an ideal packaging solution for various products.

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— Luke Gallagher

I was really worried when I ordered some custom straight tuck-end boxes, as it was essential for my upcoming product launch; however, they arrived sooner than anticipated, and to my relief, the boxes were printed of a very high quality. Such professional boxes really helped to make my product launch go smoothly!

— Shana Fonnesbeck

I have had the pleasure of ordering from RushCustomBoxes multiple times and have been delighted each time. On my last order, I had made a small mistake that I had missed, and I had not requested a sample--a huge mistake on my part. However, I was very impressed when the RushCustomBoxes team caught the error and contacted me to make sure everything was as intended. I am incredibly appreciative of their outstanding service and the excellent product quality.

— Charlie Banks

I am very happy that RushCustomBoxes meets my custom packaging needs. I was looking for a good company to create some boxes for my products, and I shortlisted three companies where RushCustomBoxes was the 3rd. After getting a quote from 2 other companies, I decided to go with RushCustomBoxes because they offer cheap rates with free shipping, but the question in my mind was, what about the quality? So, after thinking so much about the quality, I placed an order with them with my fingers crossed. Once my order was delivered to my office, it was a great decision because the quality was superb. I am with RushCustomBoxes forever!