Reverse Tuck End Boxes (RTE)

Custom Printed Tuck End Boxes with Reversed Flaps

Remarkable reverse tuck end boxes are well known for their unique style and self-locking feature. These types of cardboard boxes are usually designed for small items. However, these boxes will be perfect for packaging various retail products. We offer the most fantastic custom reverse tuck-end boxes to meet your packaging needs.

Reverse Tuck End Box (RTE)
Custom Printed Reverse Tuck End Boxes
Reverse Tuck End Box Dieline
Reverse Tuck End Box
Custom Printed Reverse Tuck End Boxes
Reverse Tuck End Box Dieline
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Custom-Designed Reverse Tuck Flap Box Packaging

Reverse tuck end boxes are designed to deliver light and small products conveniently. These sturdy boxes are famous for their unique style. The design of these boxes is represented by the tuck flaps present on the top and bottom, in reverse.

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We make it easy for small businesses, corporate buyers and marketing professionals to order custom printed boxes online.

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Perfect Product Packaging for Various Industries

These excellent boxes can be assembled manually and by machine. In addition, these boxes come with a self-locking feature. This makes the boxes ideal as product packaging boxes. The function of these boxes is far beyond securing your products. Instead, these boxes provide maximum protection for various products, including beverages, food, medicine, and cosmetics.

The Most Preferred Packaging Solutions at the Industry Level

Rush Custom Boxes offers custom reverse tuck end boxes, which come with a simple opening and closing through a flap lock. In addition, these packaging boxes are ideal for brands looking for the most special packaging for their products.

The reverse locking component of these boxes makes them easy to open and close. This makes these boxes add more guarantee for the highest strength. This is why they are becoming the most preferred packaging solutions at the industry level.

The top end of the boxes that move away from the back to the front is an interesting element. This element is what separates them from a standard package. In addition, the bottom of the boxes is effectively designed to allow the containers to close quickly from front to back.

These boxes are popular because of their easy-to-assemble feature, so many industries pack their products using these boxes. The main reason is that these boxes ensure that the products will reach customers safely and securely. Most cosmetics brands have used these excellent boxes to present their items. The reason is apparent; their style and shape show things effectively and ensure them.

At Rush Custom Boxes, we will help you design the boxes according to your expectations and requests. In addition, we will provide great design ideas that match your products. The professional design support we offer is free.

Modern Printing Techniques for your Reverse Tuck End Boxes

In addition to design, we have vast box printing experience. Rich images and gorgeous patterns will praise the look of these boxes. This will get your products recognized by thousands of others.

Moreover, these boxes can also be printed with logo and mottos. This will set your products apart from other competitors in the market. In addition, these boxes will look good as a gift boxes for your branded products.

Another great thing is that you can get these simple white boxes with your company name and brand logo printed; these boxes will be the best representatives of your brand.

Rush Custom Boxes uses innovative digital and offset printing presses for a wide range of details and satisfactory quality. We will make your custom reverse tuck end boxes generally suitable for your products and brand.

You can also use embossing or metallic foil printing alternatives to print your brand name, logo, or other subtleties. We would finish your boxes with excellent techniques, such as glossy surface finish options, UV spot, or rich matte.

We offer invigorating alternatives to design your most reverse tuck end boxes. The latest printing strategies and excellent finishing effects will give your product packaging boxes a great look. You should tell us your specifications; we can design a standard tuck end box for your product packaging requirements. Our expert designers will only deliver impeccable packaging boxes to highlight your brand.

Appearance Translates to Strength

Some products cannot survive the harshness of the outside environment; they must be cherished. We realize how much you value your products. Therefore, to preserve the product's value, we came up with the idea of a box with a reverse tuck end box. You will never regret ordering these boxes because they are affordable, safe, and easy to handle. Manufactured in the best quality and cost-effective, they make your work easier and safer.

Never judging a book by its cover is nothing more than an axiom. The reality is that everyone considers you according to your appearance, so don't compromise on your product packaging look. Speaking of reverse tuck flap style, they start their journey with high-quality, corrugated, or kraft cardboard. Continue to be molded into a constant central portion bearing four sharply cut corners. Moving to the ends, the hinge flaps swing alternatingly, with the bottom panel closing in the forward direction and the top in the rear order. There is a friction lock at the top and a slit lock at the bottom. These features allow easy assembly, opening, and closing for loading and unloading items. We produce these boxes in any size, color, and shape; we vary the thickness according to your needs.

Attract Consumers with Reverse Tuck End Packaging

With our option to customize boxes, you portray your brand in the best possible way. These boxes are designed to house certain products such as cosmetics, soap, food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, etc. Therefore, these boxes extend the shelf life of these products, and the packaging of these products with brand details and symbols serves as a means to let your business rise to success.

They are also shipped flat; therefore, good transport occurs without damage. Engraving beautiful patterns on the boxes at the reverse ends ensures maximum customer attraction.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Main Goal

The options don't stop too soon; There are several tasks for which these boxes can be used. The side flap can be either glued or taped to reinforce the end. A two-way opening also allows for a simple approach in either way. Opposite closing panels will enable you to differentiate the top from the bottom. The period of validity of the goods has never been so easy. Made in an environmentally friendly design, the damage to the environment is very far away.

The aim of achieving your satisfaction is our goal. We cannot agree to anything less than your worthy demands. We encourage our customers to customize the reverse tuck end boxes according to their needs. We also offer our highly trained designers enriched with their creative skills to be at your disposal. Feel free to ask for any amendments or help from our staff.

Customize your Reverse Tuck End Boxes in all Sizes and Shapes

Using our customization feature, these boxes can be ordered in all sizes and shapes, according to your requirements. Even though the boxes are usually made of cardboard, you can also get them from kraft, corrugated or rigid material.

On top of that, the printed reverse tuck-end boxes are great for giving off an incredible display on retail shelves. In addition, these particular boxes can be an incentive for a remarkable packaging experience.

As a result, you are only one step away from success when you can get customers to share their unpacking experience with your exclusive boxes. You can expect more people to be interested in your brand and become loyal customers. Ultimately, these boxes will increase your profit in no time. Well, what could be better than that?

So you don't think your products deserve the best packaging to show their flawless quality? If you feel so, then we are your only solution. Rush Custom Boxes offers high-quality packaging and printing solutions for our respected customers. In addition to all the great features these boxes provide, you can always get reverse tuck-end boxes wholesale from us at the most competitive prices.

Our customer representatives are available 24/7 to assist you. We will help you get these boxes delivered to your door with free shipping.

Customer Support Team
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