Corrugated Boxes

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Corrugated boxes are specially designed for heavy objects and are essential for transporting goods. Premium corrugated material is used to make these boxes to ensure the high strength of the packaging. The selection of flutes depends on the nature of the product. We offer these boxes in custom sizes with custom printing and finishing at wholesale prices.

Corrugated Boxes - Slotted Carton
Printed Corrugated Boxes - Carrier
Custom Corrugated Boxes - Tuck End with Window
Corrugated Boxes - Slotted Carton
Printed Corrugated Boxes - Carrier
Custom Corrugated Boxes - Tuck End with Window
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We offer premium corrugated boxes to meet the packaging requirements of your product. For example, suppose you are dealing with an e-commerce business. In that case, you should buy these boxes to ensure the safe delivery of orders.

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We make it easy for small businesses, corporate buyers and marketing professionals to order custom printed boxes online.

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Exceptional Weight Carrying Capacity

The commonly used material that fits a variety of product boxes is cardboard stock. However, if you want more outstanding durability to support the weight, the corrugated stock is worthy. But for weighty objects, the rigid box works well. In addition, the endurance of transport is a piece of cake for corrugated boxes.

The characteristic of high resistance matters a lot. The stock that cannot support the weight of the boxes is nothing but a waste. It can offer no benefit to the business and leads to a drop in reputation.

If you deal with delicate and fragile products, you can use corrugated boxes with additional security features. Includes the use of packaging inserts, which ensure that the product is kept in place. Corrugated boxes are well known for their durability and standard weight resistance, with optimum protection. There are different types of options for the flute, which ensure the thickness of the box.

Outstanding Brand Recognition

Who doesn't want to take their business to a top-notch? The company's profit flies in the sky when it gains customer satisfaction. Therefore, for this, every company tries its best to optimize the quality of its products. But this is not just enough to get the benefit. They should turn their business into a brand to get their company in the spotlight. Promotional tactics ensure the recognition of the business by turning it into a brand. People are much inclined towards the glamorous and fascinating brand, which offers elegant products. They try the products and become loyal to the brand after complete satisfaction.

Custom corrugated boxes with splendid and innovative graphic design make your product attractive. Of course, a beautiful design is not enough. However, it is necessary to display an elegant logo and a trading name. Other options that provide more prominence and professional appeal to corrugated boxes include coating, laminating, foil stamping, die-cutting, etc. These boxes are available in a variety of models, sizes, and shapes. Get them according to the size of the product!

Difference Between Cardboard and Corrugated

Corrugated boxes are usually misunderstood as cardboard boxes, but they are different from each other in reality. A corrugated box consists of three layers. It includes an inner lining, an outer lining, and flute support between the two layers. This makes it very strong and more durable than regular cardboard boxes. Corrugated boxes are recommended packaging for many industries. These boxes are usually used for food, clothing, gifts, cosmetics, and packaging health care products.

Key Features of Corrugated Boxes

You will find corrugated boxes not thin but thick because they contain three layers that make them durable. The corrugated fiberboard provides the strength and durability desired by any company for packaging its products. The middle layer, the flute, can be increased depending on the protection needed to give the product. We produce corrugated boxes as a perfect and reliable shock absorber. Some of the features of these boxes are shown below:

  • They are beneficial for transportation in many retail industries. The addition of several layers makes them more rigid and even more durable for long-distance transport and ensures the safe delivery of the order. These boxes are perfect for shipping heavy products or products that require additional security.
  • They are mainly used to transport electronic items so that they can reach their destination safely. Therefore, they are very effective when the product is in a constant state of motion. These prevent the product from being affected by friction.
  • These are best for products that are heavy and require maximum protection to reach the desired destination safely. These boxes are mainly used for packaging industrial parts. It offers greater resistance to breakage and excellent compression and cushioning of the product inside. Not only that, but they are highly durable to use and also have good stacking resistance.
  • These boxes play an essential role in the e-commerce business. However, if it seems unusual and annoying to customers and the environment, how could people believe in this type of packaging? Therefore, for customer satisfaction, you must choose eco-friendly packaging to protect the environment and ecosystem completely. So, corrugated boxes always do the same job of providing authentic packaging facilities.
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