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Increase Product Awareness with Custom-Printed Packaging Inserts

Packaging inserts are the best marketing tools for raising awareness of merchandise. A piece of paper can educate users about the various types of available products and inform them about any compliance or promotional offerings. They serve as a reminder to users about existing products and create anticipation for new products. They also aid in brand recognition among users. These cost-effective and highly effective marketing tools can help to increase sales and enhance customer loyalty.

Benefits of Custom-Printed Inserts

Providing customers with additional services or information to increase the value of the business's products is one of the best ways of marketing. Benefits of packaging inserts include:

  • Enhance Brand Awareness: Printed packaging inserts allow businesses to strengthen and promote their brand. They can include promotional messages, graphics, and other specific information related to the company; this additional information can be an excellent way to boost your brand.
  • Create Trust and Reliability: It is essential to provide users with relevant information, such as warranties and product guarantees to create trust and reliability in a company. This will help users feel more secure and at ease when making future purchases.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction: By including additional information, such as instructions and thank you notes, in custom-printed packaging inserts, a business can dramatically improve a customer's experience and satisfaction.
  • Generate Additional Revenue: Pricing strategies such as discounts, coupons, or third-party advertising can open up additional business sales opportunities. Businesses can create additional revenue by offering incentives that can increase customers' spending power.

By utilizing established packaging strategies, businesses can transform a simple product box into a powerful marketing tool that can create value for their business and repeatedly capture consumers' attention.

Customization Options for Packaging Insert

SBS Paperboard SBS Paperboard
Kraft Paper Kraft Paper
Textured Paper Textured Paper
Art Paper Art Paper
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black CMYK
Pantone Matching System PMS
Metallic Foil Metallic Foil
Metallic Ink Metallic Ink
Effects, Finishes & Techniques
Spot UV Spot UV
Gloss and Matte Varnishes Varnishes
Gloss and Matte Lamination Lamination
Foil Stamping Foil Stamping
Embossing Embossing
Debossing Debossing
Die-Cutting Die-Cutting
Scoring Scoring
Perforation Perforation
Embossing Powder Embossing Powder
Packaging Insert Graphics

Add Unique Graphics

We provide the best way to incorporate a unique and personal touch into your packaging inserts. You can use graphics as a creative and memorable visual representation if desired. With the help of our professional designer, you can create custom graphics for packaging inserts that fit perfectly into your product design and impact your brand. Graphics are the best way to add a sensory experience for your customers regarding your packaging requirements.

Material Options

Choose Quality Materials

Choosing materials according to your requirements is one of the most critical decisions. RushCustomBoxes offers a wide range of materials and finishes that can be customized to meet your brand's needs. From eco-friendly paper stocks, cardstocks, chipboards, corrugated boards, and other unique materials, you have an array of choices to ensure your packaging inserts are memorable and attractive. Our materials and printing options allow you to create an impactful product packaging insert that looks and inspires.

Tell Brand Story Through Packaging Inserts

Capture Your Brand's Story

Packaging according to your convenience is one of the best ways to showcase your brand and make your narrative reach out to customers. It sends users a thank-you note for their purchase, providing a unique and personalized experience as they unpack their order. Depending on your requirements, you can include custom inserts to highlight your brand story, showcase the features and benefits of your product, feature customer testimonials, or include visuals to represent your product. This helps visually represent your brand and products to prospective customers and gain their attention, giving them an additional entry point to an enjoyable collective experience.

Create Packaging Inserts

Design Your Own Packaging Insert

RushCustomBoxes is the best online resource for designing custom packaging inserts according to your requirements. It offers multiple tools and services to design and order your packaging inserts to meet your needs. It provides an easy design tool with various sizes, material options, full-color printing, and finishing options. Once your design is complete, our customer service team will ensure that your packaging inserts are ready to meet your exact specifications and requirements. With RushCustomBoxes, you can be sure your packaging inserts will be delivered on time and precisely as you envisioned.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide all kinds of packaging inserts tailored to your specifications to fit your requirements completely. Our in-house experts create custom-printed inserts using certified and recyclable materials.


We offer a variety of sizes, from small to large. Additionally, we can create packaging inserts in any size you desire.


Orders for packaging inserts usually take 8-10 business days to be delivered to the customer's doorstep, depending on the requirements.


We will help you design a packaging insert according to your requirements, meeting all your desired characteristics.


Yes, we provide a comprehensive design service and can customize any specifications you require to meet your needs.


Yes, we use eco-friendly packaging materials to produce packaging inserts, so there is 100% safety for our planet.

— Kristie

RushCustomBoxes make it easy to design packaging inserts according to my requirements and do their best for my packaging project. They are also cost-effective, so I don't need to spend much money, which saves me a lot of stress!

— Jason

I have used RushCustomBoxes for all of my packaging needs. Their products are of the highest quality, and working with them is always a breeze. Their customer service is second to none, and I never feel I am being taken advantage of. I highly recommend them!

— Sharon

I love the way RushCustomBoxes handles my order for custom-printed inserts. My customers are always amazed at how beautiful the prints look when they open my product box!