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Custom-Made Charcoal Foam Inserts for Every Need

RushCustomBoxes provides high-quality charcoal foam inserts for any application. We offer a wide range of thicknesses and size options to ensure we have the perfect insert for your project. We have innovative solutions if you need foam pads for equipment, dividers, product holders, or Eva foam inserts. Our packaging inserts are durable, shock-absorbing, and help prevent movement and rattling. They provide cushioning and protection while keeping items organized and secured in place.

RushCustomBoxes produces custom foam inserts economically and efficiently while maintaining the highest material, fit, and functionality standards—foam inserts from RushCustomBoxes are practical, affordable, and perfectly tailored for your needs.

Material Options

Eva Foam Eva Foam
Charcoal Foam Charcoal Foam

Attractive and Pleasant Packaging with Charcoal Foam Inserts

Charcoal foam inserts, also known as padding material or protective packaging inserts, play an essential role in enhancing the pleasure of packing and presenting gift items or other pieces. Some of the key ways they contribute to a better packing and presentation experience include:

Protect Items from Damage

These inserts cushion items from impacts and scratches during packing, shipping, or transportation. This helps ensure items arrive undamaged.

Maintaining Shape

They hold items in the shape they are intended to have. Delicate or fragile items are intact. Tall or asymmetric items retain their shape. This makes for a more attractive final presentation.

Absorbs Shocks

The foam material absorbs sudden impacts, jolts, and vibrations that could otherwise transmit to the packed items. This provides an extra layer of shock absorption and protection.

Create Space

Foam inserts take up space in the package to prevent items from shifting around during transit. They keep everything securely in place, protected by padding on all sides.

Allow Creative Packaging

The padding allows for creative packing techniques, contouring around items, or using space for other inclusions. The inserts give more flexibility and options for arranging and securing items in the package.

Enhance Gifts

Visual appeal and color options make charcoal foam inserts ideal for enhancing the presentation of gifts. They provide cushioning and protection in an attractive, complementary material.

Provide Structure

For packaging multiple fragile items, create dividers, walls, and interlocking shapes to keep everything separate but secure in one package. Each item stays protected in its own space.

In these ways, charcoal foam inserts play an instrumental role in enabling a safe, attractive, and pleasant packing and presentation experience for items of all kinds. They contribute significantly to preserving items in like-new condition while enhancing their visual appeal as gifts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer charcoal foam inserts in a variety of custom sizes. We can also custom-cut inserts to fit your specific products and needs. Just provide measurements and specifications for inserts.


Our production turnaround time is 5 to 8 business days from order approval. We aim to get your custom packaging inserts shipped to you as quickly as possible while ensuring the highest quality. Rush orders with expedited shipping are available for an additional fee and can reduce the turnaround time to 3 to 5 business days. Please remember that turnaround time may be longer for unusually large or complex orders. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work to deliver your custom products promptly.


Yes, we offer high-density foam inserts for retail packaging applications. Foam inserts are ideal for protecting products from damage during shipping while allowing for the efficient use of space within corrugated shipping boxes. Our foam inserts can be custom-cut to fit any shape or size to ensure a tight, snug fit around your products. They provide padding on all 6 sides of the insert for maximum protection and impact resistance. We offer foam inserts in a range of densities to suit the particular protection needs of your products. Please get in touch with us for quotes and samples.


Foam insert customization allows us to craft customized protective cushioning for all shapes and sizes of products. We start by working closely with our customers to understand their specific items' dimensions, contours, and protection needs. Our expert foam designers then use high-quality foams and custom die-cutting tools to create inserts that perfectly fit the space. Every custom charcoal foam insert is precision-tailored to the product it will cushion. We can add cutouts, contours, straps, and more to ensure your goods remain snug and secure during shipping and storage.

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— Kate

The foam inserts RushCustomBoxes designed for our products was perfect. They cushioned the items securely without taking up too much space in the packaging. Our customers are delighted with how their new items arrived safe and sound. RushCustomBoxes does excellent work with a fast turnaround time. I'll be using them again for our next product launch.

— Hideki

Packaging our fragile glass sculptures with RushCustomBoxes foam inserts gave our customers total peace of mind. The inserts mold perfectly to the shape of each sculpture, preventing any chips or cracks during shipping. As an artisan company, product safety and quality are our top priorities. RushCustomBoxes helped us achieve that for our customers.

— Kenneth

We've been using RushCustomBoxes for all our product packaging needs for years. Their custom foam solutions are innovative and affordable and reduce our returns by over 75%. RushCustomBoxes engineers work closely with us to optimize the inserts for easy insertion and removal while providing maximum protection. We wouldn't use any other packaging company!