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How Much Do Foam Inserts Cost?

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Custom Foam Inserts by RushCustomBoxes

RushCustomBoxes is the best place to build your custom foam inserts. We are a one-stop-shop foam inserts maker, offering limitless add-ons with countless ideas ready to help you build your custom box inserts just the way you like. We guarantee that anyone can build their dream foam insert, whether a small business or a corporation. Just one click away, you can reach your custom foam insert goals. Contact us today and start your packaging journey!

Benefits of Foam Inserts

  • Custom-fit foam inserts ensure your valuable items are adequately protected during transport.
  • They are made to fit and will not require any extra material, thus saving you money.
  • Reducing packaging size as custom foam inserts are tailor-made to fit inside a particular product's package, thus minimizing the need for additional space for filler material.
  • Improves the product's appeal, tying in with a brand's packaging strategy.
  • Offering cost-effective opportunities to promote a product by sealing other marketing materials to the top or sides. It can add cushioning to your products, thus reducing the risk of damage or breakages.
  • Requiring minimum set-up time for production, meaning orders can be filled more quickly and efficiently.
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications, including medical, consumer, military, and industrial packaging.
  • It can be custom die-cut to ensure a hassle-free assembly of components to the foam insert.

Customize Your Foam Inserts with Different Material Options

Eva Foam Eva Foam
Charcoal Foam Charcoal Foam
Product Stability with Foam Insert

Improve Stability

Foam box inserts can help improve the stability of products by protecting them from movement during shipping and transportation. They create customized pockets or sections within a box to support the product and eliminate the potential for movement or bounce. This reduces product shifting and breakage, ensuring the end consumer receives an intact product.

Product Protection with Foam Insert

Improve Protection

A foam insert is an excellent way to protect your products during shipping or storage. The foam helps cushion the item against impacts and condensation, keeping it safe during transit or storage. It's often used for fragile electronics, medical instruments, and other high-value items. Using foam inserts can reduce the time and money you spend on repairs due to damages, allowing you to offer more secure and reliable shipping to your customers.

Reduce Shipping Weight with Foam Inserts

Weight Savings

A foam insert is a great way to save weight when shipping products. This lightweight yet strong and reliable solution is designed with various foam compounds, sheet materials, and interiors that can help maximize weight savings. Foam inserts are customizable to fit a wide range of products and packaging sizes, allowing shippers to tailor their packaging materials to their unique needs. This versatile solution can result in an average weight savings of up to 25% compared to traditional shipping materials.

Easy to Assemble Foam Inserts

Easy Assembly

Foam inserts are designed to keep products stable and secure in their packaging. Whether you're creating highly customized boxes and inserts to protect complicated products like medical equipment, or simple foam containers designed to house consumer products like electronic games and books securely, foam inserts can be precisely cut to fit any item perfectly. Not only does this ensure that the items will arrive at their destination safely and securely, but it also allows for easy assembly in the box.

Create Your Own Foam Inserts

Tailor Your Packaging

Foam inserts can be customized to meet the exact requirements of your application and provide secure product packaging. Custom foam inserts can tailor your packaging to fit your products' size, shape, and weight to protect your items against any damage during shipping or handling. Additionally, by customizing the foam inserts, you can reduce the cost of shipping by taking up only the needed space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can provide foam sheets with or without cuts. We can customize the size of the foam and cut it to size according to your needs.


Our turnaround time for custom foam inserts is typically 8-10 business days depending on the complexity of the design.


Yes, we do provide samples before starting production of the order. Our designers can provide you with a virtual design and/or physical samples for review before initiating the production process.


Yes, we offer discounts on bulk orders of foam inserts. Please contact us for more details.


Yes, we can paste a custom-printed cardboard sheet onto the foam. We can also provide various custom printing options, such as foil stamping, embossing, and debossing.


Yes, we do provide templates for foam inserts. We have several templates for foam inserts in our templates section that you can use to create custom foam inserts.


We accept payment through major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) and PayPal.

— Ryan Morgan

I recently placed an order for foam inserts for my business, and the team at RushCustomBoxes handled the entire process incredibly well. They coordinated everything quickly and professionally, and the inserts arrived on time and were exactly how I needed them to be. I'm grateful for the excellent service I received from them, and I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a quick and reliable turnaround!

— Christian Marian

I'm delighted with the quality and cost. The inserts fit perfectly into the compartment of the item I was using them for, and the quality of the foam is excellent. The ordering process was straightforward, and shipping was fast and efficient. I will be ordering from RushCustomBoxes again.

— Margarita Garcia

The quality of the foam was excellent, with a nice density that made the pieces fit snugly and securely in my custom boxes. The customer service was also excellent, with helpful agents and a fast delivery service that got my custom foam inserts within the specified timeframe. I'm delighted with my purchase and highly recommend RushCustomBoxes to those looking to buy foam inserts!