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Custom Printed Handle Cake Boxes

The cake box with a handle is tailored for your well-crafted creations. Where plain cardboard boxes leave off. Our custom-made boxes are sturdy and robust but convenient, with a built-in handle for easy transport and presentation.

Imagine what would happen if your cake were placed in a box that perfectly matches the brand image. These cake boxes have an unlimited selection of designs and materials. When the customer finally picks up the boxes, these simple handles make it easy for him to carry back his sweet treat. With considerable orders, you're at peace.

Enhance the packaging of your cakes and present a lasting impression on your customers with our paperboard cake boxes. These personalized boxes are perfect for businesses such as bakeries or newcomers to crafts: quite often, an elegant finishing touch is needed. Each of our boxes makes cake deliveries feel like gifts - so who says packaging can't fit the bill? Grab yours now to become the number one bakery in your area using our cardboard boxes with handles for cake packaging.