The die-cut inserts are a unique kind of packaging stuff for secure product packaging. Its primary role is to organize products in the package properly. The insert placed in the box act as a protector to the product. To produce these inserts there are a variety of materials available in which cardboard and corrugated materials are preferable. During the manufacturing process, the die cut is applied to the insert to make the room suitable for product packaging. It plays as to label a cardboard sheet according to accurate measurement.

Die Cut Cardboard Inserts For Mailer Boxes
Custom Die Cut Cardboard Inserts
Die Cut Inserts For Boxes
Die Cut Cardboard Inserts For Mailer Boxes
Custom Die Cut Cardboard Inserts
Die Cut Inserts For Boxes
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Dimensions Custom Sizes
Material SBS Paperboard, Recycled Brown Kraft, Corrugated Cardboard
Lamination Gloss/Matte
Optional Spot UV, Perforation, Scoring
Printing Offset Printing, Digital Printing, Screen Printing
MOQ Starting from 50
Turnaround 8-10 Business Days, Rush Available
Shipping Flat
Free US Shipping Free Design Services Fast Turnaround Low Minimum Order Quantity

How they are made?

The manufacturing of die-cut inserts requires a particular type of measurement. Cardboard die-cut inserts are based on a single piece and can be easily place in the box.

Their primary role is to hold irregular shape products. In addition, they typically provide support and protection to them.

You can even get custom printed die-cut inserts from us. Our cardboard die-cut inserts are popular among many brands, including pharmaceutical, electronics and many other industries. We offer printed and beautiful customized versions of box inserts to our customers.

Well, if you are looking for perfect and secure inserts that exactly fit your needs, then you are on the right source. We deal with the best kind of box dividers and inserts. Our company is working to make it more protective, and we put our effort to make them a fascinating product. Quality matters a lot, because durable material can protect the most delicate product.

Role in the Marketing of Brand

Often when a person is looking for die-cut inserts, he demands a customized one with logo and company’s name facilitation. So we are concerned about your objective regarding the marketing of your brand. Our services provide an insert with full-color printing and glossy/matte coatings. So, people will become more aware of your brand through these customized inserts.

Benefits of Using Die-cut Inserts

We facilitate our clients with almost every size of die-cut inserts. They are the best way to protect the most sensitive products, including cosmetics and perfumes, etc. We provide a vast range of die-cut inserts to our clients. These inserts are the perfect source to provide extra protection to fragile products, especially during shipping and movement.

They hold sensitive products very carefully. We deal in custom box inserts with a variety of shapes and sizes. Our team is expert in making perfect inserts and dividers for your boxes. They reduce the need for multiple times of packaging.

These inserts can be used for gift packaging too. Because fragile kind of products often need packaging that can provide complete safety and protection with an element of beauty. The printed die-cut insert box always appeals to a customer.

Usually, they come with different schemes of colors and prints. A customer’s choice and demand are always our priority. They should complement the product anyway. Our team acknowledges it and always puts efforts to create it with a spice of creativity.