Hexagonal Boxes: Six-Sided Cardboard Packaging

Nothing Can Beat The Custom Hexagon-Shaped Packaging

If we talk about product packaging, the next thing that comes to mind is cardboard boxes. We know that boxes have many different shapes and sizes. Each one of them is used for another purpose. Similarly, hexagonal boxes are one of these types used for product packaging. These boxes are given this name because of the shape they are made in; a hexagon shape means something with six sides. The box dimensions can vary according to the size of the product and the customer's demand.

Cardboard Hexagonal Boxes
Custom Printed Hexagon-Shaped Boxes
Hexagonal Box Template
Cardboard Hexagonal Boxes
Custom Printed Hexagon-Shaped Boxes
Hexagonal Box Template
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Custom-Designed Hexagonal Boxes

Six-sided boxes are pretty famous these days. The design of these boxes from Rush Custom Boxes incorporates a connected top that hangs out on top and a separate top cover. These connected cover hexagonal style boxes are generally used for packing various retail and gift items.

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We make it easy for small businesses, corporate buyers and marketing professionals to order custom printed boxes online.

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Hexagonal Packaging Boxes and Their Uses

Hexagonal boxes are mainly used for food, cosmetics, toys, and retail products. These boxes are exceptionally perfect for storing and presenting hexagonal formed items. One of the most well-known items that can be placed in these captivating boxes is soap.

Natural items need to be adequately packed with natural and biodegradable packaging that will shield these items from damage. This conventional hexagonal packaging offered by Rush Custom Boxes comes in various sizes and colors. For example, you could pack beautiful bath bombs with lively and sharp colors in these boxes. The right color combination will attract customers and allow your product to stand out on store shelves.

Get Custom Hexagonal Boxes Made According to Your Requirements

You can get custom hexagonal boxes from us according to your requirements and product specifications. Our packaging experts will assist you in making your product packaging more interesting among different products.

In this manner, we offer various coatings and metallic foiling to give your boxes a unique and selective look. In this way, you could increase the visual appearance of your products.

We understand perfectly that packaging boxes play a fundamental part in promoting your brand and products. Custom packaging boxes are a brilliant alternative for displaying your valuable products.

While relying on the shape and size of the boxes, we would be extremely cautious that everything needs to be precise. Any lightweight product can be stored safely inside these boxes. At the same time, we know that packaging design is a vital job.

This is why our talented graphic designers give the best effort to provide an attractive design. Accordingly, customization is essential to highlight your products and brand. There must be a balance between your product's size and the box's space.

Choose Hexagonal Boxes to Launch Your Products Exclusively

As a brand owner, you know that you should have unique boxes to launch your products exclusively. In this regard, alluring boxes will upsurge your brand's interest. Our custom-printed hexagon boxes will be adaptable with notable changes in shapes and sizes. These boxes will be neither too small nor excessively huge.

At Rush Custom Boxes, we produce premium quality custom boxes of top-notch materials. We use recyclable materials, including cardboard, corrugated, and kraft cardstock. Moreover, you could also get a die-cut design or window shapes for your hexagonal boxes.

By adding a window shape, your boxes will guarantee direct contact with the customers. You could also get custom hexagon boxes wholesale to distribute your products to different stores. As mentioned above, we produce custom boxes with top-caliber and sturdy material. In this way, you are guaranteeing safe delivery without contamination. As a result, your beloved customers would get an incredible and excellent product for safe use.

We additionally offer these remarkable hexagonal boxes printed using modern innovation. Our latest digital and offset printing methods will give an ideal printing solution for your packaging boxes.

We have experts who work at our production facility and provide high-quality printed boxes. You could get your brand's logo, eye-catching lines, and an assortment of charming letters printed on the box to enhance the product's appearance. As a result, these boxes will be more dazzling in customers' eyes.

Promote your Brand through Hexagon-Shaped Packaging

Speak of confidence, and hexagonal packaging comes with all of it! It is not wrong to say that our hexagon boxes are a creative piece of art. These boxes are customized in various sizes and come with many advantages. Whether you want to promote your brand or display your products as an advertisement for your business, these boxes can easily handle everything. If you use them as display cases, they will grab the customer's attention. And when used these boxes for mailing purposes, customers would become excited to receive such a creative package and would love the brand from where it comes.

Suitable Packaging for Bakery Items

Bakery items in hexagon-shaped boxes have always been a perfect combo. Just think about getting your ordered donuts, cupcakes, or any other sweets in dull packaging; you'd never want to open it by just looking at it. But on the other hand, when the order arrives in a beautifully printed bakery box, made in a hexagonal shape, it adds more sweetness to the items inside and creates enthusiasm to open it.

Right Packaging for Cosmetics

Women indeed tend to fall more towards flashy and creative things. Although, as we know, the cosmetic brands target female customers, you can attract many customers using custom-printed cosmetic boxes. Therefore, the cosmetics industry has a perfect spot for hexagonal boxes. When a woman receives a beautifully packaged box, in perfect hexagonal shape, full of cosmetics, nothing is more satisfying.

Hexagonal Packaging as a Gift Box

In today's era, where everyone is busy with a tight schedule, there's no time to go shopping and get a gift for someone. Therefore, people mostly prefer to order almost everything online these days. Hexagonal boxes are perfect for packaging gifts for loved ones due to their eye-catchy design. So whether you have to give a birthday gift, Christmas gift, or a valentine's gift, these boxes are perfect for gift packaging. According to the product, these boxes are created in various sizes with different depths, heights, and lengths, and you can order according to your need.

Get in Touch to Create a Hexagon Box

When making boxes with a note of creativity and elegance, here comes Rush Custom Boxes. We create customized hexagonal boxes according to the customer's wishes and product specifications. We make these boxes with various materials, such as corrugated cardboard, rigid, and Kraft material.

The materials we use are strong enough to ensure the safety and durability of your products inside. Several printing and customization techniques are used to make the boxes more attractive. We apply lamination to the box to make it more appealing. In addition, embossing is done where the design is slightly raised to give a 3D effect. You can customize the package in any way you want, at a very reasonable rate, with on-time delivery.

Are you thinking about where to order hexagonal-shaped cardboard boxes? You can place the order at Rush Custom Boxes, indicating the desired specifications and leaving the rest to us. We can create beautiful packaging boxes with attractive designs and deliver the order to your door.

Free Designing Support

Our specialists will provide you with the ideal formats and layouts in accordance with the trends and modern models you are looking for. Even better, we offer free design assistance to allow you to get only the best results.

Our expert staff has years of experience in packaging design. Thus, it would be best if you only informed us about the specifications of your products. They will help you decide the right color combination and packing points that will be most reasonable for your products.

In terms of printing, we would take over the printing design for your needs. You could inform us about the color patterns and images you need to add to these hexagonal boxes. When you finish the color and all the prerequisites for printing, we start designing your custom packages as you wish.

Moreover, we guarantee that you get the best quality print that can reflect the authentic nature of your products packaged inside. Brand logos and images of your products can also be printed on boxes. This way, your beloved customers can become familiar with your products and brand quickly.

The top cover of custom hexagon boxes has two parts that can provide significant space for printing. These are excellent media where you can print the most visible images you need for your products to be perceived. In addition, excellent finishing alternatives can be added to the boxes. You can choose matte, glossy, spot UV, soft-touch, or other options to make your packaging boxes more lovely.

Get Remarkably Designed Hexagonal Boxes at the Most Affordable Rates

At Rush Custom Boxes, we offer our customers the best packaging solutions to pack their products, and their success is our goal. Therefore, we make the best hexagonal boxes for your brand to succeed and increase the sales of your products.

Rush Custom Boxes is proud to offer high-quality packaging and printing solutions. Even better, you can get these remarkably designed boxes at the most affordable prices! Well, doesn't that sound great?

Do not hesitate to contact our packaging specialists; they will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can get custom hexagonal boxes delivered to your door with free shipping.

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Friendly Customer Support Team

Our customer support team is friendly and will assist you in finding the best solutions to meet your specific packaging needs. Feel free to contact us for answers to any questions you may have.