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Custom Printed Packaging for Eyelashes

False eyelashes are now the standard cosmetic item women everywhere are using. They do not just add elegance but also serve as a barrier to protecting natural eyelashes. When it comes to the packaging of eyelashes, it must be unique so customers can get attracted to the product before making a buying decision. We provide custom-printed eyelash packaging boxes in various shapes, designs, materials and finishes at wholesale prices.

Cardboard Eyelashes Boxes with Window
Custom Printed Eyelash Boxes with Hang Tab and Window
Eyelashes Packaging Boxes
Cardboard Eyelashes Boxes with Window
Custom Printed Eyelash Boxes with Hang Tab and Window
Eyelashes Packaging Boxes
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Grow Your Brand with Customized Eyelash Box Packaging

Branded eyelashes are usually packaged in eyelash boxes that are custom-designed for customers. The popularity of false eyelashes is growing, and their competition is increasing. Therefore, eyelash maker companies must take the time and think about their packaging designs.

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Stand out in the Crowd of Competition with Custom-Designed Eyelash Packaging

Making eyelash packaging isn't an easy task, mainly when there is plenty of competition. If you're designing your packaging entirely by yourself, there's a possibility of making a few mistakes and mishaps. We'd like to discuss some of the most common mistakes that can be avoided with careful design and planning.

Packaging Shapes and Dimensions

One of the most common errors that many cosmetic companies make is to choose one size that fits all. Eyelashes are tiny, so you need to select the appropriate dimensions. In addition, the container should securely cover eyelash cases. If you choose the wring's size, you'll have to either pay for the space or you will have to sacrifice the security of the product.

Add Product Details to the Package

You should ensure that your product's labeling must be accurate before launching the product on the marketplace. In the case of cosmetic box packaging, there are numerous instances of labeling errors. This can result in dissatisfied customers.

Therefore, you must present the correct details to your customers as a business. From the product's name up to the expiry date, everything must be labeled correctly to build trust with customers.

Proof-read Your Packaging Design

The most common mistake that most brands do not consider is an error in packaging that has not been tested. Customers have many complaints regarding how products are incorrectly labeled or find a defective product inside sealed packaging. However, it is possible to avoid such issues when you conduct a trial run of your own custom box for eyelash packaging. The best method is to present your eyelash packaging to an unfamiliar location and examine how the customers react to the packaging.

Make Your Packaging Clearer to the Customer

Neat and straightforward packaging doesn't necessarily mean that it's providing information that isn't complete. When choosing a packaging due to its appealing appearance, the next aspect that buyers look for is the details. If your eyelash box only contains the product's name without other information, consumers will not offer an additional size.

Therefore, it is essential to provide the necessary information regarding the product, such as its benefits and usage methods, manufacturing, and expiration date. Make sure the text is clear!

Durable Cosmetic Box Packaging

One of the most common problems that retailers have to deal with is stackable boxes that aren't stackable. They typically place these boxes in the back of the display, which results in lower sales for your product. To avoid this problem, make sure you choose a box with an unadorned bottom. The odd shapes or the bulky boxes might look appealing, but they lack functionality. Eyelash packaging should be easy to set up on the store's shelves and the customers' dressing table.

Product Protection

It is essential not to compromise top-quality boxes used for packaging to save money. Choose the finest material for eyelash packaging. Eyelashes are a delicate item of cosmetic that requires proper security.

Choose a durable material that protects the product from tears and wear. Also, ensure that the container is sealed to protect the product from moisture and dust.

Sustainable Packaging Soliton

Some brands do not take into account the environmental implications of packaging. This tiny oversight could mean that the brand loses a large customer base, which can cause a decline in sales and lower revenues. However, cosmetic companies are shifting to environmentally friendly packaging options. You should do it if you are not already doing so.

It will help you protect the planet from harmful consequences and help build your reputation as a responsible company.

Spend the time to learn more about your product's packaging specifications. This will allow you to provide your customers with a memorable experience by providing custom eyelash boxes. With the help of Rush Custom Boxes, you can get premium-quality eyelash packaging boxes made precisely according to your requirements. These custom printed boxes are available at wholesale prices. We ensure the longevity of your business by offering the highest quality and high standards of packaging.

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