The rigid boxes are very much in trend nowadays. They are also known as setup boxes or gift boxes. We deal in luxury rigid boxes that is used for premium packaging. You will find that the product packed in this provided you with a premium experience. This is the reason for it being in the market. These boxes can provide the required amount of support and strength to the product inside. Using them as gift boxes are recommended as the unboxing of a luxurious rigid box is worth experiencing. It makes you feel special. They are sturdy and contain the product perfectly. They are great source to protect your product from outside damages. Well, they are a great source to protect your product.

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Rigid Boxes and Their Uses

An eminent name in the world of packaging is luxury rigid box. These boxes placed their prominent place in the world of packaging in the least possible time—the credit for these goes to its salient features. Custom luxury rigid boxes come in a variety of sizes and shapes. These luxurious boxes seem even more elegant and stylish due to their innovative look. Unique and charming graphic designs offer a worthy outlook to these boxes. Their sturdiness enable you pack and ship your exceptional items in it with ease.

We give a lot of flavor and texture to these boxes as there is always space for creativity. Colors can also be used. They can also be reused which makes them eco-friendly as well. These boxes can be customized according to the needs and requirements of the customers. They can be enhanced more by using other decorative elements. These boxes are usually used for the packaging of jewelry, cosmetics, perfumes.

Custom Printed Rigid Boxes

The piece of chipboard or thick cardboard is used to produce rigid boxes. The wrapping paper of the choice is basically glued to the outer surface of the box and the material inside is visible and can be seen easily. The inner edge of the box just gets covered with the wrapping. So that is why they are called custom printed rigid boxes. So we care about a lot of innovation and it comes with the complete choice of design colors or if any printing is done. One can keep it simple and also the other way is to use bold bright colors to make it funkier.

In full finish of our rigid boxes, no chipboard is visible and the entire box is wrapped. No chipboard is exposed. It is also thicker with about 2-3 mm thickness. The wrapping not only gives full coverage to the outside part of the box but also goes all the way to the inside of the box and covers it fully. Our protected Lamination can help to give more finish depending on your need.

Sturdy and Rigid Boxes

The feature of rigidity ensures to retain the original shape and appearance of packaging boxes. When it comes to loading conveyance for shipping the product, the rigidity seems to play a vital role. Yes, it facilitates the stacking of luxury boxes, one above the other. None of the boxes damages or is affected in terms of shape. The pressure of packaging boxes and other transport challenges is ample to change the shape of boxes, especially the one placed at the very bottom. We allow you to customize your rigid boxes with a stunning display of brand name, logo, mandatory instructions, images, product title, and company slogan.

Additional options to consider for the brilliant appeal of custom-printed rigid boxes are foiling, full UV coating, spot UV coating, embossing, window patching, matte lamination, and gloss lamination. These elegant boxes come in wholesale prices, free graphic design services and free shipping when you place an order at Rush Custom Boxes. This high-end packaging solution ensures to make the unboxing experience for the customer to be an exciting one. The most popular luxury rigid boxes are list above.

Multifunctional and Stylish Boxes

Who does not love to grab the multi-functional boxes? Indeed, all the businessmen love to have the feature of style and multi functionality in their boxes. Give a new life to your apparel business by packing the clothes in the adorable and stylish rigid boxes. These trendy boxes are ample to incline the brand lovers towards your product. These boxes also come in small sizes that prove to be the ideal one for gift packaging. Custom large luxury boxes let you pack expensive and trendy clothing. Enhance the value of your gift items by serving it in these stunning boxes. Likewise, you set a high price for your precious and high-quality items with such exciting boxes. It can let you set a high price for your product.

Getting the stylish packaging boxes does not mean that you have to compromise on durability or quality. These massive strength boxes avoid products falling out of boxes. Distinctive features and aesthetic appeal works magically to grant your success in your business. Adorn these shipping and storage boxes with mesmerizing designs as it can let you anchor the roots of your brand in the competitive market.

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