Kraft Windowed Boxes

Custom Printed Windowed Boxes Made from Natural Brown Kraft Paperboard

Good packaging is a constant need for almost all types of businesses. Out of all packaging options, the most suitable one is always kraft box packaging due to its vulnerable and biodegradable nature. Kraft windowed boxes are the supreme form of packaging; it is highly desirable and demanded due to its extra die-cut window feature, making it more alluring and valuable.

Kraft Windowed Boxes
Custom Kraft Windowed Boxes
Custom Kraft Windowed Packaging Boxes
Kraft Windowed Boxes
Custom Kraft Windowed Boxes
Custom Kraft Windowed Packaging Boxes
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Kraft Box with Window: Ensures Protection of Your Packaged Product

Your products will be more visible in these boxes. Better yet, custom kraft boxes with windows are durable enough to protect your products inside.

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Making of Custom Kraft Windowed Boxes

One of the highlighted traits of kraft window boxes is the most creative packaging. They look more artistic and aesthetic. Hence we offer different customization features of kraft window boxes to our customers. You can find a detailed printed volume of boxes from us.

A touch of artwork and beautiful designs on them make them more mesmerizing. We provided printed windowed boxes that will fit exactly your brand's requirements. Informatory work on kraft window boxes always helps businesses grow fast because it creates identification in the competitive market. In addition, it helps to get closer to your clients towards your company.

Transparency Power

Our custom kraft window boxes are most popular because we design the transparent cover as a window on the kraft box in refined and precise form. However, due to a shortage of time, customers want some shortcuts to get an idea about the product without unboxing the package. Unpacking boxes to examine products is not beneficial for the company in the perspective of both quality and time. So, the best solution we can offer you is custom window boxes.

They make the product clear for a person under the transparent window of the box. So the customer, just taking a look, can easily recognize the quality of the product. This makes his decision-making easy about purchasing a product. This offers an excellent advantage for the marketing of the brand.

People can spectate products easily. This will, in turn, bring the brand's level to a whole new level.

Kraft Window Boxes Offer Multiple Usages

As box packaging manufacturers, we stress the use of window kraft boxes because it makes the presentation of products so easy and conveying. Due to its transparency, people get comfortable visiting any brand that displays its products inside window boxes. We come with customized kraft window boxes that help you exhibit your product reliably. It provides a kind of exhibition of the brand's product.

We deal with window boxes that have multiple qualities. These boxes can be used anywhere: a bakery, grocery store, mall, or jewelry store. The food industry prefers them most due to their transparency nature. A cupcake, cake, and food take-out box can also be turned into kraft window boxes. We have a wide range of boxes with unique styles and shapes, including:

  • Rectangular boxes
  • Sleeve boxes
  • Pyramid boxes
  • Truffle boxes

These boxes attract customers the most as compared to other packaging boxes. They also help other multiple businesses organize their products in favor of boxes. Retailers of CDs or DVDs mostly go for these kraft window packaging to present their products.

We bring custom printed kraft window boxes that can prevent your product from outside environmental hazards, including germs, dust, moisture, etc. Moreover, a kraft material is reusable and eco-friendly, increasing the shelf life of a product. Their multiple factors make them more popular.

Exhibit Products

They are a fascinating type of gift box. Because they look like creative boxes and can grab the attention of any person, we manufacture such die-cut kraft window boxes where you can hold any product, including a jewelry item or a wristwatch. Moreover, their printed customization makes them magnetic.

This can help you to increase brand sales. Especially during ceremonies and exhibitions of products, brands prefer them most because they are easy to hold and support. Moreover, they make presentations and organization of products beautifully. Due to their stylish look, everyone is automatically oriented toward the product.

At Rush Custom Boxes, the windows on the boxes can be customized according to the sizes and shapes of your products. For instance, you could generally go for round, square, round, or other shapes. The shape can be altered by following your benefit as well. More than that, the size of windows on kraft windowed boxes can be of various designs.

The material we use for these astounding boxes is high-quality kraft. This material offers solid durability and minimal expense. What’s more, you could also get a wide extent of customization and finishing choices to make your custom boxes look more enchanting.

Set Your Products Apart with Kraft Windowed Boxes

Our windowed kraft boxes will make your products look stunning and rich by upgrading the product presentation. These stunning boxes make your products unique and set them apart from various other comparative types.

Similarly, these boxes are magnificent to print your brand logo with striking colors to make an outstanding brand identity. Product differentiation and extraordinary personality are the cornerstones to success.

Custom tuck end box with window gives your products the presentation they need to attract more customers. What’s more, these boxes can generate more sales of your products. For example, a branded perfume in a box with a window can draw more customers than the one packed in a plain, standard box.

In addition, if you go to the supermarket to get some products and see the same two products of different brands, one in a display box and a simple box. Which one would you choose? The one with a window. Thus, windowed kraft boxes undoubtedly make your products and brand more visible to those customers.

What Do We Offer?

We offer the most impeccable kraft windowed boxes ideal for various items like bakeries, jewelry, toys, apparel, food, soaps, perfumes, and more. In brief, these boxes have inevitable capacities and are perfect for introducing different items.

Apart from that, you would not need more wrapping for the boxes as they are already appealing and lovely. Better yet, these elegant boxes will also make the best impact on your customers. A plain ribbon is probably all you need if you feel the need for some additional items to captivate those customers.

Nowadays, each brand needs something extraordinary and fascinating to give maximum visibility to their products. Redesign the presentation of your products when set on the retail shelves. Well, by using windowed kraft boxes from Rush Custom Boxes, you could eventually get some outstanding benefits.

The excellent transparent windows not only will upgrade the visibility of your valuable products. More than that, these boxes will also make them highly alluring to set your brand apart. Accompany a lovely design; these boxes are best for the brand affirmation and the remarkable promotion of your products inside.

These stunning kraft windowed boxes go with different features. They are an impressive mixture of creativity and fine artwork. You could easily present your precious products in these excellent boxes and stun those customers with an amazing sneak peek.

Another great thing about kraft material is that this material is easily accessible in the market. Therefore, you could always get these outstanding wholesale kraft windowed boxes at the most affordable rates.

The Assembling Style of Kraft Windowed Boxes

At Rush Custom Boxes, the assembling style of these windowed kraft boxes is not so difficult. Most importantly, you need to choose the best arrangement for your boxes to oblige your products. It would help if you considered where you wish to apply the window shape from this point.

Whether you prefer the window at the top or along the edge, our talented graphic designers will get it covered. Accordingly, you would also need to choose the right shape for your window. Different shapes are available for the windows like heart, oval, round, rectangular, triangle, or some others you could choose from according to your choice. After this, a PVC sheet will be applied to the edges. This sheet will give an eye-catching viewpoint on your valuable products packed inside your bespoke kraft windowed boxes.

Once you sort this, you could then move towards the extra add-ons offered by us. You could add different enrichments like ribbons, bows, glossy, coatings, and others to your custom windowed boxes.

Make a Wow Impression with Kraft Windowed Boxes Wholesale

It would be an excellent marketing approach if customers could have a reasonable view of your product packed inside through the window shape. In this specific situation, nothing can beat how our windowed kraft boxes wholesale can make a wow impression for your product promotion.

These impeccably crafted boxes work best to draw in and influence your designated customers towards your products. All you need is sharp and novel designs that will assist you in making achievements in the competitive market industry.

Well, if you would work with us, not only that, you would have the option to customize your kraft windowed boxes with any detail of your own inclination. Better yet, our competent graphic designers would be more than pleased to assist you in creating your bespoke boxes. Even more, we would provide you with our expert design support without requiring any expense!

But wait, our offer is not finished yet! If you would order now, Rush Custom Boxes will deliver your remarkable custom kraft windowed boxes to your doorstep with free shipping! Well, what could be better than this? Contact us; our customer representatives are available 24/7 to assist you.

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