Kraft Paper Windowed Boxes

Custom-Printed Window Boxes Made from Natural Brown Kraft Paper

Sustainable and attractive packaging is a constant need for almost all types of businesses. Among all the packaging options, the most suitable is always the kraft window boxes due to their appealing design and biodegradable nature. These boxes are the ultimate form of packaging and are highly in demand due to the additional feature of the die-cut window, making them more attractive and valuable. Discuss your packaging requirements with our customer support team to grab yours now!

Tuck Top Kraft Box with a Window
Self-Locking Kraft Paper Box with a Window
Custom Kraft Windowed Die-Cut Box
Tuck Top Kraft Box with a Window
Self-Locking Kraft Paper Box with a Window
Custom Kraft Windowed Die-Cut Box
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Tell The Buyer About Your Packaged Product

Your products will be more visible in these boxes. The customer can recognize what is inside the box without unboxing it. Custom kraft boxes with a window are durable enough to protect your products. So choosing these boxes can be a wise decision for your business.

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We make it easy for small businesses, corporate buyers and marketing professionals to order custom printed boxes online.

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Bring Customers Closer to Your Brand with Custom Printed Boxes

One of the outstanding features of kraft window boxes is the most creative packaging. We offer our customers various customization options to choose from. In addition, you can order from our custom-printed boxes. The artwork printed on the boxes makes them more fascinating.

We offer printed kraft boxes to suit your brand requirements. Product details, brand logos, and commercial information on packaging always help customers know about the business and the product. Thus, you can stand out in the competitive market. In addition, it enables you to bring your customers closer to your company.

Turn Customers into Buyers with Kraft Paper Window Boxes

We design the kraft box lid with a window in a precise shape to ensure that the customer can see or smell the product. However, due to a lack of time, customers want shortcuts to get an idea of the product without unboxing the packaging.

Standard folding cartons are not beneficial to the company from a time perspective. So, the best packaging solution to impress the buyer is window boxes, and with the addition of kraft material, the packaging will impress customers more.

Make the product clear to the buyer with a die-cut window designed on the boxes. So the customer, just by looking, can easily recognize the quality of the product. This will make it easier for customers to decide whether to purchase a product.

Recyclable Packaging Solution for Businesses

As a custom packaging supplier, we emphasize the use of kraft window boxes as they facilitate product presentation. Due to its transparency and durability, people feel comfortable buying the product. In addition, we offer recyclable packaging solutions that help you convey to your customers that your brand is trustworthy.

When it comes to uses, they can be used to package products of any kind. However, the food industry prefers them the most due to their transparent and food-grade nature.

Kraft boxes attract customers the most compared to other packaging boxes because of the feature of being recyclable.

We offer custom kraft window boxes that protect your product from external environmental hazards, including germs, dust, moisture, etc. In addition, kraft material is reusable and environmentally friendly, increasing the shelf life of a product. Their multiple factors make them more popular.

Display Your Products Nicely

They are a fascinating type of product packaging because they look creative and can attract anyone's attention. We manufacture die-cut kraft window boxes to package any product, including edibles or retail items. Plus, their customization makes them magnetic; this can help you increase the sales of your brand. Moreover, they make presentations and organize the products nicely. Everyone is automatically oriented toward the product due to its elegant appearance.

At Rush Custom Boxes, the windows on the kraft boxes can be customized to the sizes and shapes you prefer. For example, you can choose round, square, or other shapes. The shape can be designed according to your requirements. Moreover, the size of the windows on the boxes can be according to your specifications.

Our material is of high quality and offers durability and minimal expense. In addition, you can get a wide variety of customization and finishing options to make your custom packaging look more delightful.

Make your Products Stand Out with Kraft Window Boxes

Our kraft boxes with a window will make your products look stunning and rich by enhancing your product presentation. These beautiful boxes make your products unique and differentiate them from other comparative types.

We print your boxes with a brand logo in striking colors to create an outstanding brand identity. Product differentiation and great personality are the cornerstones of success.

Custom kraft boxes give your products the presentation they need to attract more customers. In addition, these boxes can generate more sales. For example, a branded product in a window box may attract more customers than one packaged in a standard box.

In addition, if you go to the supermarket to get some products and see the same two products of different brands, one in a window box and one in a standard box. Which would you choose? The one with the window! Thus, kraft boxes with windows undoubtedly make your products and brand more visible to customers.

Transparent and Environmentally Friendly

The excellent transparent window will also improve the visibility of your valuable products. But more than that, these boxes will make them extremely attractive to differentiate your brand. Accompanying an excellent design, these boxes are the best for brand affirmation and outstanding promotion of your products inside.

We offer the most flawless packaging boxes. In short, our boxes have unavoidable capabilities and are perfect for product packaging.

The great thing about kraft material is that this is environmentally friendly. Hence, you can reduce the carbon footprint on the earth by using kraft boxes.

Design Window in Any Shape or Size

Most importantly, you must choose the best product packaging solutions. Next, consider where to apply the window cutout from this point. Whether you prefer the window at the top or along the edge, our talented graphic designers will assist you from scratch to end.

Accordingly, you need to choose the right size for your window cutout. Different shapes are available for windows, such as heart, oval, round, rectangular, triangle, or others; you could choose according to your choice. After this, a PVC sheet will be applied to the die-cut hole. This sheet will give you a stunning view of your valuable products in your custom kraft window boxes.

Once you sort that out, you can move on to the additional add-ons we offer. You can add various embellishments such as ribbons, bows, glossy coatings, and more to your boxes.

Make a Good Impression on Your Customers

It would be a great marketing approach if customers could have a reasonable view of your packaged product inside through the window shape. Nothing can beat how these boxes can make a fantastic impression in promoting your product in this specific situation.

These boxes best attract and influence your target customers toward your products. But you need clear designs to help you succeed in the competitive market.

Our skilled graphic designers will help you create your custom kraft window boxes. Moreover, we offer free design services!

If you order now, Rush Custom Boxes will deliver your custom boxes to your door with free shipping. Contact our customer support team for assistance.

Customer Support Team
Friendly Customer Support Team

Our customer support team is friendly and will assist you in finding the best solutions to meet your specific packaging needs. Feel free to contact us for answers to any questions you may have.