Sometimes luck is not everything that you need to succeed in your business. There many aspects that play an essential part in bringing your brand in top brands list of the market. The very first thing that displays the product for a customer is your packaging. The six-corner tray with lid works well while packaging your products and can increase sales of your product if it is designed excellently.

6 Corner Tray with Lid
Custom Printed 6 Corner Tray with Lid
6 Corner Tray with Lid Template
6 Corner Tray with Lid
Custom Printed 6 Corner Tray with Lid
6 Corner Tray with Lid Template
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6 Corner Tray With Lid Measurement Guidelines
Size Custom Sizes
Style Custom Styles
Shape Custom Shapes
Material SBS Paperboard, Recycled Brown Kraft, Corrugated Cardboard
Artwork PSD, Ai, PDF file format
Lamination Gloss/Matte
Coating Aqueous Coating, Varnish, UV Coating, Soft Touch Coating
Effects Raised Ink Letters, Spot UV, Metallic Foil Printing, Embossing, Debossing
Printing Offset Printing, Digital Printing, Screen Printing
Shipping Flat
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Custom Six Corner Tray for Bakery Items

How would it feel if you go to a bakery shop and buy a fancy cake for your loved one, you pay a fair amount for it? But cake is handed into you in a corner-less tray. Now, what would be your reaction? Of course, it will be difficult for you to hold it like this, it will be difficult for you to transport it. Besides all, you will never buy from this brand again. So this is how packaging plays a role in brands' success. Many successful brands have appealing and easy to use packaging boxes.

Six corner tray with a lid is considered the most secure packaging for the products. On request, we create these boxes in all sizes and colors, which add beauty to bakery food and various items.

Most Durable and Secure Features

Ease of opening a packaging solution and a high safety level are key factors to increase customer satisfaction with specific characteristics. Six corner tray with a lid has side locks that fulfill the need for safety. These packaging are durable and easy assemble. Whether you want to use them for gifts, food, shoes, and clothing, these boxes can play a vital role. It depends on the product type. A Six corner tray container is used in all kinds of businesses as they can be customized to all designs, colors, and sizes.

If you need a practical, durable packaging solution that can be used in many ways, Rush Custom Boxes doesn't disappoint its customers. These following features are made of durable materials with care and modern design, making the packaging ideal for many products.

Six-sided containers with two locks are safer and more durable. With these locks, they can be easily opened and closed. Besides, they have die cuts, window cuts, embossing, printing, silver and gold foiling, UV and matt lacquer; all these features make Six corner tray with lid is the best packaging solution for an extensive range of products. A six-sided corner container is fully capable of marketing all types of products, as it combines high-quality printing, unique high-end custom range, and graphics that attract customer attention.

These boxes are available as front weapons, making them easy to carry and assemble. Boxes that do not take a lot of space in design and content are up to date. The six corner tray with lid is equipped with high-quality printing and material used to store popular cosmetics and bakery items such as cakes and make-up items.

Fully Customization in Size and Design

Regarding the customization, Rush Custom Boxes firmly believes that no one can design a box more accurately than the box manufacturers. The proper design makes your packages more valuable and vital. Developing a six corner tray with lid begins from a color selection to printing content, and logo.

We offer you the best CMYK and PMS printing methods; you can choose any of these color printing methods to print your product boxes. We customize these boxes by adding an optional die-cut window to the lid of the box and cover the display area with a high-quality clear plastic window patch that allows your user to see the packed product. You can also request for special effects like embossing and spot UV.

Rush Custom Boxes professionally customizes six corner boxes in the foil stamping, including gold, silver, and copper tint. When asked about the most valuable, durable, and accurate printing services, Rush Custom Boxes is at the forefront of the printing industry. We use screen, digital and offset printing technology to print your boxes in the way you want.