How Custom Packaging Makes Your Brand a Memorable

by Charlotte — July 25, 2022
Memorable Custom Packaging

Packaging is a valuable opportunity for customers to connect with your brand.

This has become a focal point of advertising and marketing strategy.

Many companies use unique packaging in digital marketing campaigns to increase brand exposure and recognition.

While designing and manufacturing custom packaging can be a great way to improve your business, it can also increase product sales.

Finding the right balance between branding your business through packaging and managing your budget can be challenging. This is especially true if you don't know all of your packaging options.

These creative packaging ideas will impress your customers!

Standard Folding Cartons

Do not underestimate the power and potential of packaging structures.

This packaging option is considered one of the most cost-effective and popular.

This is one of the fastest ways to get a customer's attention.

You can add a unique design to your custom folding cartons at less cost.

It's about creating a design consistent with the brand's ethos and style without being too technical.

Simplicity is a great way to go, but it's only possible with the proper execution.

This is not as expensive as you might think. Effective execution of branding artwork and branding makes it look expensive.

Inside Printing

You can add a custom printed design for your inner box for an additional 5-10% of production costs.

Custom interior design is becoming more and more popular due to the growing popularity of online unboxing. This makes a lasting impression.

Custom Printed Boxes

A printed box is a great way to show off a minimalist brand design. Its luxurious appearance should not be misunderstood.

You can print designs with offset or digital printing using CMYK or PMS.

The stunning look can be achieved without using PMS colors or any ink.

For designs to stand out, you must ensure the artwork is consistent with your brand.

Custom Box Printing

Digital printing is cheaper than offset printing and offers a better future for the printing and packaging industry.

However, offset produces higher quality results.

It means that offset quality is becoming easier with digital printing technologies.

To save costs on e-commerce packaging, going digital is the way to go.

This will save you a lot of money on offset setup and usually takes less time to complete the order.

Packaging Sleeves

A custom-printed packaging sleeve can be an innovative and unique way for customers to receive your product in the box.

This design is cost-effective and can be used on any product. It can also be customized to enhance the brand experience.

A drawer sleeve is a great way to highlight branding and unique designs and enhance the unpacking experience.

Box sleeves are an excellent way for businesses to save money and go green.

Customers can reuse the packaging instead of throwing it away because the sleeves will not compromise the structural integrity of a box.

Custom sleeves can help you save money because they don't require extra cardboard or paper. This packaging is less expensive than the regular packaging but will allow you to be as creative and imaginative as you want.

Special Effects

Hot foil stamping used to be more expensive because it required labor.

Many packaging and printing companies now offer foil stamping options. This makes it more accessible than ever.

For large quantities, the cost of additional options such as spot UV, foil stamping, and embossing would increase by approximately 10-15%.

You can add embellishments to your brand packaging without spending much.

You can choose from striking and luxury designs.

Custom Packaging Inserts

You can create a personalized customer experience by adding custom box inserts to your packaging.

These inserts can be made from thinner materials so that you can benefit from a lower material cost. A positive brand experience could be a massive benefit to your customers.

An insert can be a creative way to extend the unboxing experience. Including a thank you letter in the package is also very affordable. This personal touch adds extra emotion to every package.

A personalized unboxing experience can make a lasting impression and influence customers' future buying habits.

These inserts are also great for reminding customers of your social media channels. Encourage them to share your product and packaging on social media.

You can create a unique, branded unpacking experience with inserts and tissue paper. This allows you to save money on more expensive packaging.


Stickers can be used to add personal touches to packaged goods and add value to your packaging. Customers will see your logo when they open the box.

Sticker prices decrease with increasing print quantities, just like other packaging products. Prices vary depending on whether you print on sheets or rolls and the size or shape of your stickers.

Stickers or your labels can be added to the outside or inside of the packaging to create a unique look.

This is an excellent way for customers to get a unique brand experience while saving money on printed boxes.


Packaging is now an integral part of the product.

Don't underestimate the power of packaging design.

Custom packaging is an effective tool in today's competitive market. It can influence how customers see, hear and feel about your product.

It can also be very profitable for your brand in the future.

Our cost-effective custom design tips will help you create memorable brand impressions by uniquely packaging your products.

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